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CD&R Co-President Dave Novak Highlights Constructive Partnership Between Private Capital and Family Business

Event hosted by INSEAD and Invest Europe

David Novak's picture
Wednesday, April 21, 2021
London and New York

CD&R Co-President Dave Novak addressed a group of family offices at the Single Family Office Roundtable, hosted by the INSEAD Global Private Equity Initiative and Invest Europe.  His comments focused on the constructive partnership between family-owned businesses and private capital.  

The roundtable builds off the Institutionalization of Family Firms, a three-part research project published by INSEAD and supported by CD&R, which examines how institutionalization can help family-owned businesses secure long-term sustainability and unlock growth. The reports covered the opportunities and challenges family firms face across key attributes of institutionalization in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. 

“INSEAD’s research and the Invest Europe platform have prompted important conversations on the state of family-owned businesses and long-term value creation and sustainability,” said Dave Novak, CD&R Co-President. “We are honored to be included with this esteemed group of family business leaders in the discussion about how, through active ownership and partnership, private capital can help bridge proficiency gaps by providing tailored solutions, expertise and capital to enable and accelerate growth.”  

Mr. Novak has been with CD&R for nearly 25 years, after joining the Firm as a Principal. Based in London, he is responsible for the Firm’s European business and international activities. Mr. Novak has been actively involved in CD&R's investments in B&M Retail, BCA, Belron, BUT, Huntsworth, Kalle Group, Mauser Group, Motor Fuel Group, SIG plc, SOCOTEC, and Westbury Street Holdings, and played a key role in many others. Previously, he worked in the private equity and investment banking divisions of Morgan Stanley.