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An Introduction to CD&R
An Introduction to CD&R
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Knisely (speaking, far left)
John Dineen, Sarah Kim and Ron Williams
Krenicki + Campelli
Richard Schnall, David Novak, Nathan Sleeper and Rebecca Jarvis
Gogel + principals
Lund + peterson
Micaela + Terry
Stephen Shapiro
Ravi Sachdev and Eric Rouzier
Compton + Fradin
Marco + strum
Smith + Banga
Helge Lund and Donald Gogel
Conaty + Williams
Sir Terry Leahy, Jim McNerney, Paul Presler and Roberto Quarta
Kenneth Giuriceo
Rochat + Shapiro
Theresa Gore and Jillian Griffiths
Kevin Conway
J.L. Zrebiec, Allen, and Michael Babiarz
Banga + Olver