CD&R Builds

    We have a clear vision of our role: to build value for our investors by building great businesses. That’s why our ESG efforts are so important. We believe ESG contributes to value creation just like our other operating initiatives do, and we structure our ESG engagement to support the ongoing work to build stronger, more resilient, more inclusive, and more valuable companies.

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    Building for the Long-Term

    We build value for our investors by building great businesses.

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    Building Sustainable Businesses

    Our ownership model is designed to build businesses for the long-term. With the Firm’s support, our portfolio companies create jobs, increase innovation, and achieve long-term success.

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    Talent Makes the Difference

    CD&R believes the foundation of a successful business is people inspired by shared goals, purpose, and passion. That’s why the Firm helps its portfolio companies cultivate environments in which employees are respected, supported, and rewarded. We believe this kind of atmosphere leads to fresh thinking, innovative ideas, and successful enterprises.

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    Committed to Community

    We are dedicated to the concept of community—and contribute to those in which we operate by encouraging collaborative relationships, pro bono activities, and charitable initiatives.

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    Building Value

    Our greatest responsibility is to deliver value to the corporations and families with whom we transact, the portfolio company management teams and employees with whom we work, and the investors who entrust to us their capital to manage.

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    ESG Management

    The near and long-term implications of our actions factor into CD&R's decision-making as we assess and manage a broad range of risks and opportunities. We seek to consider ESG issues in our review of new investments. Post-acquisition, CD&R leads a formal process to engage each portfolio company management team on ESG monitoring and reporting.


    Our Values

    We have a strong sense of shared purpose. We know where and how we will compete and what capabilities are required to achieve our goals without compromising our values.

    Our goal is to maintain our special position in the private investment industry by maintaining the vision and core values upon which the Firm was founded. We achieve that goal by building better businesses, meeting our investors’ expectations and remaining the preferred partner of management teams around the world.

    This shared sense of purpose and deep values unites us. They guide the commitments we make to our commercial partners, the communities in which we operate, and our investors.

    Values and Vision


    Inclusion & Diversity


    Diversity Is Valuable


    We believe that a diverse work environment leads to better decisions and better performance.

    Our objective with each investment we make is to build great and sustainable businesses. This requires attracting and developing the best talent available, and our people’s diversity of background, experience, thought, ability, and outlook makes us who we are.

    Our key priorities are to:

    1. increase diversity within our team;
    2. provide an inclusive work environment with equitable access to opportunities; and
    3. increase diversity within our portfolio company boards and management teams.

    As a founding signatory of ILPA’s Diversity in Action initiative, we seek to motivate broad industry support for advancing DE&I in private capital.

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    Everything starts with a person and we believe in developing talent at all levels within the organization, encouraging entrepreneurial behavior and providing opportunities for career advancement.

    DE&I at CD&R

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    Everything starts with a person and we believe in developing talent at all levels within the organization, encouraging entrepreneurial behavior and providing opportunities for career advancement.

    If we have learned anything in our 4+ decades of investing across six economic cycles, it’s that investing in people pays dividends. Our efforts to promote processes, policies, and behaviors that provide growth opportunities for individuals within the organization cuts across the entire firm.

    The CD&R Inclusion Committee pursues a mission to make all members of the Firm feel that they can bring their authentic selves to work and be given every opportunity to do their very best work and reach their highest potential. The committee, which includes CD&R employees representing a variety of experiences, seniority levels, and roles, meets regularly and reports directly to the CEO.

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    CD&R companies employ 250,000 people. That’s 250,000 opportunities to inflect performance in a positive direction.

    DE&I in the Portfolio

    image from the CD&R/Core & Main Leadership summit

    CD&R companies employ 250,000 people. That’s 250,000 opportunities to inflect performance in a positive direction.

    We are committed to strengthening the diversity, equity, and inclusion of the companies we own, and we are taking action to achieve this, starting with boards and management teams. These actions include: 

    • Seeking to establish boards that reflect the diverse communities our companies operate in and serve.
    • Requiring a diverse slate of candidates in the recruitment of open board and/or management positions.
    • Tracking diversity KPIs in ongoing monitoring processes.
    • Sponsoring inclusive leadership sessions (CEO, CHRO and CFO) as part of CD&R’s Portfolio Leadership and Best Practices Forums.
    • Supporting portfolio company initiatives, including diverse leadership programs, industry-wide conferences, the development of employee resource groups and more.

    DE&I Partnerships

    CD&R has established partnerships with a range of organizations to promote DE&I efforts at the Firm, in its portfolio companies, and throughout our community.

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    CD&R's Global Footprint

    $90billion Total enterprise value created at realized portfolio companies

    43 Portfolio companies

    600,000+ Portfolio company employees

    $112billion Portfolio company revenues

    100+ million Pension beneficiaries with indirect exposure to CD&R funds

    ~750 Limited partners

    All data as of November 2023

    $90billion Total enterprise value created at realized portfolio companies

    43 Portfolio companies

    600,000+ Portfolio company employees

    $112billion Portfolio company revenues

    100+ million Pension beneficiaries with indirect exposure to CD&R funds

    ~750 Limited partners

    All data as of November 2023


    CD&R Foundation

    Building businesses of tomorrow means building new supports today. This requires sustainable networks for talent to develop, fertile ground for companies to blossom, and healthy communities to offer high living standards. It also means providing access for all individuals to enter and thrive in the workforce and workplace of the future, wherever that may be.

    The CD&R Foundation was built with the goal of enabling “Equity through Opportunity.” CD&R recognizes that while talent is distributed equally, opportunity is not. Our Foundation aims to strengthen the workforce development ecosystem at the local community, portfolio network, and employer level.

    We increase our reach — and impact — by helping CD&R employees become action ambassadors through volunteer opportunities, donation programs, and education initiatives to deepen understanding of underserved talent, pervasive workforce issues, and effective approaches to volunteering.

    The CD&R Foundation supports a range of non-profit organizations that align with the needs of the communities where we live and work, and focus on the following key levers for change:

    • Equity

      Promote equitable access to employment and advancement that is inclusive of all facets of diversity

    • Growth

      Support economic growth efforts in NYC & London, focusing on the populations most impacted

    • Skills

      Strengthen and amplify best-in-class job skills training practices for underserved and underestimated talent across industries

    • Systems

      Build capacity and fill gaps in the workforce development ecosystem to increase opportunity pathways and eliminate barriers faced by marginalized communities

    The Foundation conducts an invitation-only process and will contact potential grantees selected to submit applications for funding.

    Talent Solution Partners

    The CD&R Foundation is proud to support the organizations below, which aim to promote underserved and underestimated talent by connecting them to job training, high-quality jobs, and ongoing professional development opportunities throughout their career journey.

    Project Basta’s mission is to close the employment gap for first-generation students of color and change the face of workforce leadership.
    Braven’s mission is to empower promising, underrepresented young people with the skills, confidence, experiences, and networks necessary to transition from college to strong first jobs.
    Brooklyn Workforce Innovations (BWI) empowers low- and moderate-income people by helping them gain access to living-wage employment opportunities and career paths, and developing programs that counter prevailing market inequalities and contribute to a broader movement for economic justice.
    Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) is the largest reentry organization providing comprehensive employment services to people recently released from incarceration. CEO currently operates in 31 locations and is dedicated to ensuring that justice-impacted job seekers have opportunities to achieve social and economic mobility.
    City Gateway provides education, training, and support to underserved young people in east London with the aim of trebling the number of students who become work ready and begin an apprenticeship.
    Commonpoint Queens’s mission is to sustain and enhance the quality of individual, family and communal life throughout the borough of Queens, through services to people of all ages, ability levels, stages of life, and backgrounds.
    COOP Careers helps overcome underemployment through digital skills training and peer connections.
    Comprehensive Youth Development partners with New York City public high schools to prepare at-risk young adults, ages 14-24, secure a successful future for themselves and their families by developing their capability to graduate from high school and make informed decisions about higher education and careers.
    The largest public urban university in the country, serving 260,000 degree seeking students and 185,000 continuing education students. The CUNY Office of Careers and Industry Partnerships sits at the intersection of industry and higher education, building partnerships between employers and the university to align CUNY’s academic preparation with in-demand jobs in growth industries.
    Drive Change supports formerly justice-involved young people (age 18-25yrs), creating quality employment pathways to support their economic and emotional wellbeing, working at the intersection of re-entry and hospitality (food service), running both direct service and systems change programs.
    Emma’s Torch’s mission is to empower refugees, asylees, and survivors of human trafficking through culinary education and workforce development.
    Generation UK delivers employment skills bootcamps in partnership with employers focused on in-demand skills to people facing barriers (ages 18-25+). Generation UK supports 1,168 people in total.
    Genesys Works NYC provides pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities through skills training, meaningful work experiences, and impactful relationships.
    Goddard Riverside invests in people and strengthens communities within the social justice framework to fulfill its mission of creating a fair and just society where all people can make choices that lead to better lives for themselves and their families.
    Grace Institute empowers low-income women in the New York area to achieve employment and economic self-sufficiency by providing job-skills training, counseling, placement services and continuous learning opportunities.
    Henry Street Settlement’s mission is to create opportunity for Lower East Side residents and other New Yorkers with over 50 programs located in 18 program sites across four core divisions, including employment and education.
    Hot Bread Kitchen’s mission is to create economic opportunity for immigrant women and women of color through food entrepreneurship programs, job skills training and placement, and an ecosystem of support in New York City.
    JobsFirst NYC creates and advances solutions that break down barriers and transform the systems supporting young adults and their communities in pursuit of economic mobility. They bring together—effectively and efficiently—community, corporate, human, organizational, private, and public resources to connect young adults and their communities to better economic opportunities.
    The Knowledge House’s mission is to empower and sustain a talent pipeline of technologists, entrepreneurs, and digital leaders who will uplift their communities out of poverty.
    The Marcy Lab School provides free technical training, leadership development, and direct access to high-growth technology careers for young adults from underestimated backgrounds.
    MCR Pathways provides a multi-year school-based weekly mentoring programme for vulnerable children (ages 10-18) across Scotland and South East England to achieve qualifications and transition well into college, university or work.
    Non-Traditional Employment for Women (NEW) prepares, trains, and places women in careers in the skilled construction, utility, and maintenance trades that support New York.
    Opportunity Network’s mission is to ignite the drive, curiosity, and agency of underrepresented students on their paths to and through college and into thriving careers.
    Per Scholas’ mission is to advance economic equity through rigorous training for tech careers, and to connect skilled talent to leading businesses.
    Paraprofessional Healthcare Inst. (PHI), the nation’s leading authority on the direct care workforce, helps transform eldercare and disability service, fostering dignity, respect, and independence for all who receive and provide care.
    Resurgo's award-winning Spear program helps disengaged youth (ages 16-24) realise their potential by coaching them with the mindset and skills they need to get into and succeed in long-term employment.
    Sister System supports care-affected girls (ages 13-24) in London towards healthy relationships and economic stability through workshops and peer mentoring.
    STRIVE is a nonprofit agency headquartered in East Harlem that provides a pathway to life-changing careers and opportunities through comprehensive professional training, intensive personal support and self-empowerment for those who face societal barriers to advancement.
    ThinkForward's mission is to deliver unique, personalised coaching programmes for young people, enabling them to overcome the challenges they face and make a successful transition into work.
    Upwardly Global’s mission is to eliminate employment barriers for immigrant and refugee professionals and advance the inclusion of their skills into the U.S. economy through innovative skill-building and networking programs.

    Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy

    This Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy (the “Policy”) of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (“CD&R” or the “Firm”) reflects the Firm’s view that addressing environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) considerations is an important part of investing and building better businesses.

    The Firm believes that sound ESG practices help businesses deliver value, not only to investors, customers, and suppliers, but also to employees and communities. In addition, the Firm believes that furthering an effective ESG strategy is essential for building strong brands and safeguarding reputation, which in turn are vital for long-term success.

    The Policy outlines CD&R’s approach to integrating ESG in our decision-making across the life cycle of our investments and commercial activities.

    CD&R is committed to ensuring that ESG concerns and opportunities are identified and addressed appropriately in its business and to taking steps to manage actively the impact of its activities as a fund adviser in the countries in which it operates. The Firm also encourages its portfolio companies to assess and manage the ESG impacts of their business operations.

    Investing Responsibly

    CD&R seeks to pursue the following:

    1. Consider ESG issues during the due diligence stage for target portfolio companies;

    2. Work with management teams of portfolio companies to grow and improve their businesses, including addressing environmental, public health, safety, and social issues, with the goal of enhancing long-term sustainability and performance and minimizing adverse impacts arising from these areas;

    3. Assess and monitor environmental impacts, as well as climate-related risks and opportunities, and seek to reduce or mitigate environmental impacts of our activities and those of our portfolio companies;

    4. Advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in both our own teams and those of our portfolio companies, including efforts to increase diversity among portfolio company boards of directors;

    5. Respect the human rights of those affected by our funds’ investment activities and seek to confirm that their investments do not flow to companies that utilize child, forced, compulsory, or coerced labor; deprive individuals of their personal freedoms; engage in human trafficking; or maintain discriminatory practices;

    6. Ensure that portfolio company managers are able to maintain appropriate levels of oversight in the areas of audit, risk management, and potential conflicts of interest;

    7. Remain committed to compliance with applicable national, state, and local labor laws in the countries in which our funds invest; support the payment of competitive wages and benefits to employees; provide a safe and healthy workplace in conformance with national and local laws; and, consistent with applicable laws, respect the rights of employees to decide whether to join a union and engage in collective bargaining; and

    8. Maintain strict policies that prohibit bribery and other improper payments consistent with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act, and similar laws in other countries.

    There may be certain exceptional cases in which CD&R does not pursue all of the above goals.

    Engaging with Stakeholders

    The Policy is informed by the American Investment Council’s Guidelines for Responsible Investing, the U.N. Global Compact, and the U.N. Principles for Responsible Investment. CD&R will seek to be a constructive member of its communities and to be transparent about how it incorporates ESG considerations into its investment decisions by:

    1. Reporting periodically to limited partners regarding actions taken to address the ESG issues outlined in the Policy and foster transparency in portfolio companies regarding these matters;

    2. Seeking to be accessible to, and engage with, stakeholders on key issues and challenges relating to the ESG issues addressed by the Policy; and

    3. Advancing thoughtful responsible investment processes by collaborating with industry peers, standard-setting organizations, and other stakeholders.


    CD&R generally commits to maintaining strong ESG governance:

    1. CD&R’s Partnership has ultimate oversight of the ESG program, including integration of ESG into business strategy and priorities.

    2. CD&R deal teams are responsible for implementing the Policy, with the support of the ESG and the Legal and Compliance teams. CD&R provides its investment staff with specific training and resources to help them fulfill the Firm’s ESG commitments.

    3. The Investment Committee oversees ESG issues that are determined by CD&R in its sole discretion to be material to making a decision to invest.

    4. CD&R’s ESG Initiatives Group, a team of multi-disciplinary specialists from across the Firm both in the U.S. and Europe, helps ensure internal coordination of the ESG-related initiatives embedded across the Firm’s functional activities and industry verticals. The ESG Initiatives Group, which meets at least three times annually, is chaired by an Operating Partner and includes investment partners, the Human Capital Partner, the head of external relations and public affairs, and a Principal focused on ESG matters. Members of the ESG Initiatives Group regularly report to the CEO and update the full partnership as appropriate.

    5. The ESG Initiatives Group will review at least annually and, where necessary, update the Policy to reflect the Firm’s commitment to continuously improving its ESG approach, as well as emerging legal standards and requirements from stakeholders. The ESG Initiatives Group will communicate the Policy and any updates to the Policy to investment teams.