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CD&R Builds

  • CD&R Builds

    We have a clear vision of our role: to build value for our investors by building great businesses. That’s why our ESG efforts are so important. We believe ESG contributes to value creation just like our other operating initiatives do, and we structure our ESG engagement to support the ongoing work to build stronger, more resilient, more inclusive, and more valuable companies.

    Vindi Banga on the Importance of ESG

  • Building for the Long-Term

    We build value for our investors by building great businesses.

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    Building Sustainable Businesses

    Our ownership model is designed to build businesses for the long-term. With the Firm’s support, our portfolio companies create jobs, increase innovation, and achieve long-term success.

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    Talent Makes the Difference

    CD&R believes the foundation of a successful business is people inspired by shared goals, purpose, and passion. That’s why the Firm helps its portfolio companies cultivate environments in which employees are respected, supported, and rewarded. We believe this kind of atmosphere leads to fresh thinking, innovative ideas, and successful enterprises.

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    Committed to Community

    We are dedicated to the concept of community—and contribute to those in which we operate by encouraging collaborative relationships, pro bono activities, and charitable initiatives.

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    ESG Management

    The near and long-term implications of our actions factor into CD&R's decision-making as we assess and manage a broad range of risks and opportunities. We seek to consider ESG issues in our review of new investments. Post-acquisition, CD&R leads a formal process to engage each portfolio company management team on ESG monitoring and reporting.

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    Building Value

    Our greatest responsibility is to deliver value to the corporations and families with whom we transact, the portfolio company management teams and employees with whom we work, and the investors who entrust to us their capital to manage.

  • Our Values

    We have a strong sense of shared purpose. We know where and how we will compete and what capabilities are required to achieve our goals without compromising our values.

    Our goal is to maintain our special position in the private investment industry by maintaining the vision and core values upon which the Firm was founded. We achieve that goal by building better businesses, meeting our investors’ expectations and remaining the preferred partner of management teams around the world.

    This shared sense of purpose and deep values unites us. They guide the commitments we make to our commercial partners, the communities in which we operate, and our investors.

    CD&R Culture

  • CD&R's Global Footprint

    $67billion Total enterprise value created at realized portfolio companies

    34 Portfolio companies

    225000 Portfolio company employees

    $60billion Portfolio company revenues

    ~100million Pension beneficiaries with indirect exposure to CD&R funds

    ~500 Limited partners

    All data as of December 2020

    $67billion Total enterprise value created at realized portfolio companies

    34 Portfolio companies

    225000 Portfolio company employees

    $60billion Portfolio company revenues

    ~100million Pension beneficiaries with indirect exposure to CD&R funds

    ~500 Limited partners

    All data as of December 2020

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy

    This Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy (this “Policy”) of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (“CD&R” or the “Firm”) reflects the Firm’s recognition that there can be a strong, positive correlation between financial performance and corporate responsibility related to environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) issues. 

    This policy is informed by the American Investment Council’s Guidelines for Responsible Investing, the U.N. Global Compact, and the U.N. Principles for Responsible Investment

    The Firm believes that strong businesses deliver value, not only to investors, customers, and suppliers, but also to employees and communities. In addition, the Firm believes that the observance of sound ESG strategies is essential for building strong brands and safeguarding reputation, which in turn are vital for long-term success. 

    CD&R is committed to ensuring that ESG issues are identified and dealt with appropriately in its business and to taking active steps to manage the impact of its activities as a fund adviser in all the countries in which it is active. The Firm also encourages its portfolio companies to take responsibility for the environmental and social impact of their business operations. In particular, CD&R shall: 

    1. Consider social, ethical, and environmental issues affecting our portfolio companies, both (a) during the due diligence stage for target portfolio companies and (b) as part of our ongoing collaboration with management of existing portfolio companies; 
    2. Seek to be accessible to, and engage with, a range of stakeholders on key issues and challenges relating to the social, environmental, and ethical issues addressed by this Policy; 
    3. Work with management teams of portfolio companies to grow and improve their businesses, including addressing environmental, public health, safety, and social issues, with the goal of improving long-term sustainability and performance and minimizing adverse impacts arising from these areas; 
    4. Seek to ensure that portfolio company managers are able to maintain appropriate levels of oversight in the areas of audit, risk management, and potential conflicts of interest; 
    5. Remain committed to compliance with applicable national, state, and local labor laws in the countries in which our funds invest; support the payment of competitive wages and benefits to employees; provide a safe and healthy workplace in conformance with national and local laws; and, consistent with applicable laws, respect the rights of employees to decide whether or not to join a union and engage in collective bargaining;
    6. Maintain strict policies that prohibit bribery and other improper payments consistent with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, similar laws in other countries, and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention;
    7. Respect the human rights of those affected by our funds’ investment activities and seek to confirm that their investments do not flow to companies that utilize child, forced, compulsory, or coerced labor; deprive individuals of their personal freedoms; engage in human trafficking; or maintain discriminatory practices;
    8. Provide timely information to limited partners and other stakeholders regarding actions taken to address environmental, social, and ethical issues outlined in this Policy and foster transparency in portfolio companies regarding these matters; and 
    9. Encourage portfolio companies to advance the principles outlined in this Policy. 

    CD&R believes that the principles outlined in this Policy not only serve to align our portfolio companies with the broader objectives of society, but also help build better businesses and thus support the firm’s primary objective of generating superior investment returns.