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CD&R’s Morgan Schmit-Sobeck Discusses LP and GP Relationships Post-COVID

Schmit-Sobeck, Morgan.
Tuesday, July 13, 2021
New York

Morgan Schmit-Sobeck, CD&R Principal, spoke at the Gender Equity in Private Equity Summit hosted by Sahar Global Summits. The event was organized to support professional development and community-building for women in the private investment space. The panel, moderated by Anita Umarji, Head of Investor Relations at Sandbox Industries, focused on the evolution of Limited Partner and General Partner relationships post-COVID and included GP and LP representatives from CD&R, JMI Equity, The Howard Hugues Medical Institute and Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

Ms. Schmit-Sobeck discussed CD&R’s experience raising capital for CD&R Fund XI in 2020 and the potential long-term changes it catalyzed. “When the pandemic hit, there was no clear playbook on what to do, but I think that’s what made it such an interesting time to be raising a fund,” said Ms. Schmit-Sobeck. “Private capital is highly adaptive and agile, particularly in times of market turmoil. It's been impressive to see how fast people can move and adapt and really incredible to see the Firm pull together.”

Ms. Schmit-Sobeck joined CD&R in 2018. She focuses on global investor relations and fundraising activities. Before joining CD&R, Ms. Schmit-Sobeck worked on Cinven’s investor relations and fundraising team, where she helped establish the NY office. Prior to that, she worked with the private equity group at Goldman Sachs & Co. Ms. Schmit-Sobeck has a B.A. in business administration from the University of Missouri.

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