Our investments span a broad range of company sizes, from medium-sized sector champions to global industry leaders. We have invested successfully in industrial, consumer, retail and healthcare-related companies, among other sectors.

We focus on investing in businesses that:

  • Are fundamentally well-positioned market leaders, in industries exhibiting favorable long-term trends;
  • Possess broad “spread of risk” characteristics, such as multiple locations, wide-ranging customer and supplier bases, diverse revenue streams – and that have limited exposure to technological obsolescence, government regulation or commodity pricing; and
  • Can benefit from CD&R’s unique skills which can be a catalyst for significant performance improvements.

The Firm does not invest in seed or early stage companies or in industries where we have no experience.

CD&R is recognized for tailoring transactions to help corporations or family-owned enterprises divest non-core assets, in a number of cases with the seller retaining a significant equity interest in the business being sold.

See our industry specialization.

Industry Specialization

We concentrate our investment resources on consumer, healthcare, industrial as well as business and energy services companies. Within these target industry verticals, we look for market-leaders with business models that leverage the Firm’s historical experience with distribution and multi-location enterprises. Importantly, we look for opportunities to fundamentally enhance operating performance. As a result of this focused approach, we are able to dig deeper to identify the growth and profitability improvement initiatives to drive long-term value creation.