We believe there’s no more entrepreneurial activity in the world than private equity
We believe there’s no more entrepreneurial activity in the world than private equity. The heart of this business is innovation and vision – identifying good investment opportunities, adapting quickly to new business and capital market environments, and exploiting change.

The Way We Invest

We have worked hard to develop a reputation as a trusted counter-party. We have completed every transaction that the Firm has announced.

Often the transactions we pursue involve a high degree of complexity and require intensive operational expertise to enhance long-term competitiveness and drive business growth. This complexity may take the form of challenges associated with the acquisition of large corporate divisions or complicated transaction structures. The majority of our investments have been stand-alone businesses often requiring strategic repositioning or corporate divestitures that involved managing a range of delicate employee, customer or supplier issues, or other matters related to an ongoing commercial relationship with the parent company.

We work with sellers, often on an exclusive basis, to tailor transactions that solve specific strategic issues that matter most to them. Value is always on the list, but what makes these transactions special is the flexibility, collaboration and sense of partnership that ensure each party’s needs are met. In a number of cases, the seller retains an ongoing interest in the businesses being sold.

The Firm is selective about pursuing new opportunities. We do not feel pressure to make investments or to refrain from making investments. We simply look for great investments in which we have high conviction.