We believe that there is a strong, positive correlation between financial performance and corporate, social and environmental responsibility. The scope of our portfolio company citizenship initiatives are illustrated in the following examples:

  • Atkore Atkore is invested in making environment, health and safety an indispensable part of its commitment to excellence. The company has made its Zero Harm philosophy a core strategic priority, which encompasses producing high quality products with zero harm to the people who create, use and deliver those products, as well as protecting the environment in which its employees work. The company strives to reduce waste and emissions through the use of clean technologies, Lean Manufacturing principles, and the safe use of chemicals, as well as to implement energy and natural resource conservation, pollution prevention and recycling practices. Atkore became an Energy Star Partner, and is working with its manufacturing locations to take the Energy Star Challenge to improve their energy efficiency by 10 percent in 5 years. As a global corporate citizen, Atkore supports organizations and programs that improve local communities through volunteer programs, charitable contributions and business partnerships. Guided by its core values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, accountability and respect, Atkore promotes a workplace that fosters the development of diverse and inclusive teams of employees resulting in the betterment of both individuals and the company as a whole.
  • BCA As Europe’s leading vehicle remarketing company, BCA continuously and rigorously reviews its operations to ascertain where there is likely to be an environmental impact. BCA has a strategy in place (The BCA Environmental Management System) to assess the company’s environmental impact under four broad headings: Emissions to the Air, Releases to the Water, Waste Management and Use of Raw Materials & Natural Resources. To reach its environmental objectives and generate continuous improvement, BCA seeks to gain commitment from all employees within the company to adhere to the tenets of the Environmental Management System.
  • B&M Retail B&M Retail is a leading discount retailer and trades from over 335 stores in the United Kingdom. The company and its directors are committed to ensuring that the business achieves high standards of environmental compliance, including waste recycling targets. The business currently recycles all waste cardboard and polythene packaging materials. Additionally, the business continually seeks to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize energy consumption by utilizing energy saving technology at its stores and warehouse. In the area of product sourcing the company ensures it is socially responsible and that its overseas suppliers adhere to its ethical sourcing policy on the use of child labor and factory working conditions.
  • David's Bridal Corporate Citizenship runs deep through the foundations of David’s Bridal with one of its core values aiming to ensure all suppliers follow the highest of ethical sourcing, manufacturing, and labor practices. To safeguard this standard the Company developed a Code of Conduct that covers; child or forced labor, discrimination, fair and lawful wages and benefits, health, safety and ethical standards, and environmental laws. All suppliers are required to adhere to the code that is monitored by regular audits conducted by third party inspectors, and training is provided to all staff with direct responsibility for supply chain management. In addition, David’s Bridal fully stands by the spirit and terms of California's Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 which aims to combat and eradicate all forms of human slavery and human trafficking.

    On a local level David’s Bridal commits its charitable resources toward quietly serving the needs of the community and the volunteer efforts of its associates, with particular attention to the needs of women and children. For the past 10 years the Company has collaborated in partnership with Philadelphia Public High Schools and City Year, to help children of all backgrounds stay in school and on-track to graduation. The Company also recently started to provide in-kind support to the Dream Foundation; an organization that enhances the quality of life for those affected by life-threatening illness by fulfilling a final wish. Both initiatives provide individuals with the skills and opportunities to change and better their worlds, transforming the communities around them.
  • Envision Healthcare Envision Healthcare is committed to lessening its impact on the environment and fostering the sustainability of resources for future generations. The company’s 25,000 employees engage in a number of meaningful initiatives that lessen their environmental footprint, including a single source recycling program, office energy reduction strategies, the increased use of renewable products and fuel usage reduction strategies. Envision affiliate American Medical Response, which transports more than 3 million patients annually, now uses lighter, non-PVC intravenous fluid containers, which keeps 18,000 pounds of waste out of local landfills every year. AMR’s Pharmacy Return Program received manufacturer credit for more than 1,000 pounds of expired pharmaceuticals, while another 8,000 pounds were destroyed by thermal incineration, the most environmentally effective means possible. In addition, AMR’s stretcher replacement program allowed the company to recycle and sell the aluminum from more than 2,000 unusable stretchers and the company has also implemented a program that will eliminate more than 52,000 paper invoices every year.
  • Exova Exova’s testing, calibrating and advisory services touch the lives of billions of people by ensuring the safety and performance of its customers’ products. With a team of 3,500 experts in 22 countries, Exova is an organization committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible manner and to respecting the needs of its customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders. The Company’s reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those stakeholders, is one of its most valuable assets and they strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in all its business activities. Committed to developing its business in a sustainable manner, Exova has ensured that energy reduction and water conservation programs have been included in a number of capital investment projects and will subsequently be promoted as best practice. All business areas continue to look for ways to save energy and natural resources, from simple awareness programs for employees, to the installation of low energy lighting and waterless sanitation systems, the combined effect can make a positive difference to the environment.
  • HD Supply HD Supply is dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen in all aspects of business. HD Supply’s social responsibility efforts are focused on four key areas: its associates, its communities, the environment and its business partners. Since 2008, the company has leveraged its company-wide ideallygreen initiative to help customers select environmentally preferable products and implement more sustainable practices. The initiative also has an internal component that encourages the company’s associates to be involved in improving processes to make HD Supply a greener company. Please visit the company’s website to learn more about HD Supply Community relations and Corporate Social responsibility.
  • Hussmann Hussmann, a leading global provider of refrigerated merchandisers, refrigeration systems, and related services is actively committed to environmental stewardship and workplace safety. Internally, Hussmann is successfully pursuing waste reduction, recycling, water reduction, and energy savings initiatives at its global office, service, and manufacturing facilities, including all natural gas vehicles in Australia and New Zealand and “energy treasure hunts” in offices and plants around the world. Hussmann’s EH&S management system regularly encourages employees to identify ways to make their work, their environments, and their communities safer and more sustainable. Externally, Hussmann continually leads the way in developing energy efficient technologies used to keep food retailer merchandise fresh and safe for consumers. The Company’s EcoShine II LED lighting portfolio eliminates the use of fluorescent lighting, which contains mercury, and emits less heat, thereby reducing the energy requirements on refrigerated displays. Hussmann’s Protocol refrigeration system has been proven to save energy and reduce environmentally-harmful refrigerant leaks by up to 80%. Further, Hussmann has been a pioneer in utilizing alternative refrigerants with significantly lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) ratings.
  • NCI NCI and its affiliated companies are committed to supporting the communities in which it operates through products, services and programs designed to foster safety, promote health and well-being and contribute to the development of sustainable building solutions. As an active member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), NCI is a leader in addressing the growing demand for green buildings by providing education and services on sustainability in building construction. The Company’s high-quality steel products can assist building owners in achieving net zero structures through increased energy efficiency, while providing the benefits of long-term durability and reduction of land-fill waste. In addition to NCI’s rigorous work safety programs, the Company strengthened its dedication to employee wellness in 2012 through the introduction of Vitality 24/7, a program that educates and encourages employees to engage in healthful living practices. NCI also contributes to the people and societies in which it operates through corporate sponsorship of several important charitable organizations.
  • Rexel As a global Company, Rexel has an important role to play in promoting greater responsibility towards its employees, the environment and the communities in which it operates. These responsibilities are broken down into a further four commitments, 1) Expertise in energy management; promoting eco-efficient and renewable energy solutions, and raising customer awareness of energy efficiency, 2) Improving performance by consolidating the monitoring of its environmental impact, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing transport-related carbon emissions, 3) Supporting its employees through career development, promoting safety and wellbeing in the workplace, and rewarding employees for their contribution to the Group’s success, and lastly 4) Promoting access to energy efficiency in the community; increasing awareness and knowledge of energy efficiency issues, and engaging in philanthropic projects and initiatives to support local communities.
  • Roofing Supply Group Roofing Supply Group, LLC (“RSG”), one of the largest wholesale distributors of roofing supplies and related materials in the United States, continually seeks out lasting and forward-thinking initiatives which align with its commitment to excellence as corporate citizens within RSG’s communities. Through its network of 61 locations in 24 states nationwide, RSG provides one-step distribution services from roofing product manufacturers to roofing contractors and homebuilders. Each branch location holds itself to the highest standard of corporate and social responsibility through community involvement, disaster relief, and environmental stewardship. Focused on volunteerism, charitable contributions and collaborative partnerships, RSG strives to give back to the communities where it does business by supporting organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and veteran assistance programs. In addition, RSG fosters environmental sustainability, providing customers with many eco-conscious roofing membrane products such as cool roofs which are specifically designed to reduce heat islands and achieve Energy-Star ratings. RSG participates with the NRCA/Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress to promote education for the industry and provide research for green roofing technologies.
  • ServiceMaster ServiceMaster is committed to delivering more environmentally responsible products and services, supporting organizations and programs that improve our communities, and striving for a safe, diverse and creative workplace. The health, safety and welfare of customers, employees, and the people of the communities served is paramount. To learn more about ServiceMaster’s corporate social responsibility efforts, visit http://www.servicemaster.com/about-us/corporate-social-responsibility.
  • SPIE SPIE is committed to the belief that by taking into account the aspirations of all of its stakeholders and the social and environmental challenges related to its activities, the Company can prosper over the long term. SPIE’s enterprise project, entitled “Sharing a vision for the future”, aims to create an enduring enterprise working for a sustainable world. The project is based on three fundamental values: performance, local presence and responsibility. SPIE approaches each of these values from an operational perspective, working alongside customers to address today’s energy and environmental challenges. Highlights, and significant advancements made as a result of the 2012 program, include:

    • Development of activities in “efficient building”, “smart city” and “energies” sectors, taking better in account environmental issues
    • Leadership for safety prevention again recognized by awards in UK, Belgium, Nederland, France, Morocco
    • Reduction of SPIE fleet car carbon footprint
    • New training program for ethical business conduct
    • Progress in the assessment of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Company’s suppliers
    • Ongoing and intensive use of apprenticeship
    • 50% employees shareholders of the company
  • Univar Univar’s commitment to responsible distribution, sustainability, and making a positive difference in the world is the direct reflection of our core values, backed by defined policies and daily action. Univar is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint, ensuring the safety of our employees and neighbors, and helping to grow our supplier and customer businesses by providing them with sustainable solutions. To learn more, read Our Commitment To Sustainability.
  • US Foods US Foods' Corporate Social Responsibility Program is a companywide initiative focused on reducing environmental impact, offering sustainable products and building stronger communities. By implementing a variety of strategies such as reducing idle times, routing deliveries more efficiently and installing energy-efficient, high-intensity fluorescent lights, US Foods has saved more than $22 million in energy and fuel costs. The company opened its first LEED certified distribution facility in Buda, Texas and installed solar panel arrays at six locations across the country significantly improving efficiency and reducing energy usage. To further improve fleet efficiency, the company added five trucks to its Oklahoma City location that run on compressed natural gas and are planning to add additional CNG vehicles in the near future. The company is active in a number of government programs, such as EPA SmartWay, to help reduce its carbon footprint, and continually seeks out sustainable products, including Marine Stewardship Council certified seafood, for customers. US Foods is also committed to strengthening the communities where employees live and work by partnering with Feeding America™, and donating to American Red Cross relief efforts throughout America and the world.
  • Wilsonart Wilsonart is a global leader in decorative surfaces and delivers a broad range of high-quality products and services to the market. For more than 50 years, being a responsible member of the global community has been woven into its culture. As the Company’s manufacturing and distribution networks have expanded worldwide, its impact on the environment has become an increasingly important concern for its people. Sustainability incorporates not only the Company’s impact on the environment, but also its long-term commitment to provide high quality products, reliable services, secure jobs and strong community support. Wilsonart’s “full circle” journey will take many forms and its immediate goals are as follows: ZERO WASTE (eliminate unnecessary materials, processes and waste from the products we make and sell); ZERO IMPACT (lead the industry in development and use of environmentally responsible materials); ZERO BARRIERS (create an environment of excellence that fosters individual growth and engagement in community and industry development). These original values upon which the Wilson family founded the Company in the mid-1950s embody sustainability at all levels: ‘Serve our Customers, Serve our Company, Serve our People ... all with respect for the future’. For more information on Wilsonart’s Corporate Citizenship, please visit sustain.wilsonart.com.

Clayton Dubilier & Rice’s Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy

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